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Information for travellers during the COVID pandemic

Here you find the most important rules for travelling into a Munich hotel (update 07.06.2021)

Obligation to test: All guests (as well business travellers) has to bring a negative Corna-test for Check-in. This test has been made maximum 24 hours before the check-in. Here you find the closest test centres.

You do not need a test, if you are complete vaccinated (min 14 days before the check-in).

The obligation to test is not necessary for children up to 6 years or persons who visit the hotel for business or medical reasons.

If you arrive from a foreign country, please inform yourself about the quarantine regulations.

Its not allowed to host guests if they has contact within 14 days with infected persons. As well if a guest has symptoms of a COVID-19 infection.

  • All persons has to wear a FFP2 mask in all public hotel areas. It’s allowed to take off the mask in your room and on the restaurant table.
  • It’s forbidden to share a room for persons who do not live together.
  • Please respect the minimum distance to other person (1.5 meters)
  • Please follow the contact rules.
  • Please use the disinfection dispensers and wash your hands on a regular base.